About the Authors

Oliver G. Early

Oliver G. Early is a retired Army officer turned writer, consultant and health coach. He is the author of several books on OCD. In addition to this book, his other book is titled “How to Be Free from OCD: A Holistic and Natural Approach.” In this book, he shares his story and how he believes his life’s journey holds the key to freedom from OCD. Oliver’s books are available through his author profile on Amazon.comOliver has had multiple health conditions in his almost sixty years. For many of these conditions, medical testing and consultation didn’t provide any answers, and he has done his own research. For example, he has tested hundreds of different supplements on himself as part of this research. He has also tried many diets to include vegetarian and some of his own design to find out what works for him. Also, he used elimination diets to find out which specific foods were causing or aggravating certain conditions. In his books he shares what he has learned and the remedies and foods that have worked for him.

Besides the different types of OCD he has had in his life and at the risk of sounding like a hypochondriac, some of Oliver’s other conditions he has had include extreme fatigue, OCD, ADD, brain fog, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, mold sensitivity, COPD, enlarged prostate, high blood pressure, peripheral neuropathy, leaky gut, SAD, mild anhidrosis, social anxiety disorder, candida overgrowth, arthritis, fibromyalgia, restless leg, nutrient deficiencies, scurvy (while deployed overseas), rosacea, fatty liver, Asperger syndrome, mild dyslexia, very mild macular degeneration, sensitive teeth, mild tics, hypothyroidism, GERD, possible Lyme disease (I had the tell tail bullseye rash after a tick bite, but it was before there were any test or treatments for Lyme), arthritis, fibromyalgia, PTSD, anxiety, steakhouse syndrome, seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff, partial olfactory dysfunction, Parkinson’s, depression and more if you can believe it. To be clear some of these are self-diagnosed while others were diagnosed by a medical doctor. Often through small miracles, he has been blessed to find remedies for all of his conditions.

Oliver’s mission is to help educate people about OCD and the other conditions he has overcome, and he hopes this book will help and inspire others. For a list of his books, please visit his Amazon.com author profile.

Kat Fankhauser

Kat Fankhauser is a published poet. Writing poetry is her favorite genre. She researches and writes articles, and non-fiction pieces, around health issues, relying on her own experiences as a nurse and sufferer of Chronic health problems. She is currently working on a novel and is an occasional blogger. Kat is an avid reader who fell in love with books as a little girl after reading, The Little Golden Books range. She graduated from MIT Otara with a Creative Arts – Creative Writing degree and lives in Auckland New Zealand.

Kat has self-published three poetry collections through her small self-publishing company called Creative Kitty Publishing. She offers freelance writing and publishing services. Kat considers herself to be a greeting card crafter, providing homemade three-dimensional cards for any occasion.

Website link https://katfank2.wordpress.com