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Book Content Feedback

We have tried to ensure this guide accurately reflects how the medical community views OCD, its related conditions, current treatment options, etc. However, we cannot guarantee we have been 100% successful, despite our best efforts. I have taken the liberty to add clarifications to explanations of some types of OCD, based on my own experience, when I felt a generic description of the condition found online did not convey the essence of the condition. Of course, everyone is different so other’s experiences may not match my own. If you notice something you feel needs to be updated or changed to reflect the current state of affairs, classification, etc., related to OCD in the medical community, OCD community itself or based your own experience, please don’t hesitate to provide feedback and we will do our best to update this book. We have created a secure Google form for your convenience in providing feedback. Click here now to access the form.

Oliver G. Early